Art Submission Guidelines

Supply digital artwork in Adobe Illustrator (AI file) CS4 or later versions. PDF, EPS, and INDD files are also good.

  • Supply linked or embedded images.
  • Supply fonts or outline fonts.
  • Package InDesign files.  i.e. High Resolution (150+ DPI) Images, Fonts and EPS files.
  • Recommended bleed for artwork is .25" around.
  • Yard Signs require a .5" margin - Yard Sign Template: Click here

For proper film output and trapping, please supply artwork in the native file format.

Please note - PDFs work well for online proofing, but do not allow for file manipulation and editing.

Spot colors should be listed in the file and should be designated using the Pantone Matching System.

  • RGB and CMYK colors will not print as spot colors.
  • PMS colors from different Pantone Libraries will output as separate plates.
  • Full color files should be converted to CMYK from RGB.

 Greyscale images (TIFFs) should have a resolution of 300 DPI.

Bitmap images should have a resolution of 1200 DPI at 100% of size.  (If a bitmap image is enlarged, the resulting resolution is reduced and often too pixelated to print).

List and supply all fonts or convert fonts to outlines.  MAC and PC fonts are not compatible, so all fonts in PC files must be converted to outlines for proper output.

Measurement requirements:

  • Type size no smaller than 5 pt., preferably bold.
  • Screen values of no less than 8% and no more than 85%.
  • Rules need to be a minimum of 1/2 pt.
  • Trap is determined on a case by case basis; call for info.

Supply files via email (less than 10MB):
For files larger than 10MB, please use:

About Spot Color Printing

With spot color printing the elements of your design are printed in "spots", one color layer at a time, to form a complete design for your custom prints and decals. Standard spot color printing for your custom decals allows for up to four colors in your design, but more colors can be added if your design has more than four colors. Just let us know and we'll be happy to help you with a custom quote for your artwork. In this method of custom decal printing, each spot color will be applied to a unique area of the print, and colors are not generally blended to create more than the chosen color variations within a single printed design.

One-Spot-Color-Sticker-Artwork-Example-from-StickerGiantIf your design has a single color, this would be considered a one spot color printing. Single color designs, or designs with shades of a single color look great with one spot color printing. For designs with shades of a color, we will work with halftone dots to represent these areas in your design, giving your printed work a shaded appearance.

Example-of-Artwork-for-Three-Spot-Color-Sticker-PrintingAs you add more colors to your design, the number of spots you add increases as well. For example, if your design has three separate colors, then your design would be considered a three spot color print. Adding to this, if your design has four colors, this would be considered a four spot color design, and so on, for the total number of colors to be printed in your design. 

All of the inks we use are based on the Pantone Color Matching System, also known as PMS colors. This system is simply a universal color matching system to help us get 100% accuracy when matching the colors in your design to the inks in your printed work.  When printing in spot color you can choose from our standard Pro Ad Co Spot Colors.

About Full Color Screen Printing / 4 Color Process

Full color printing is also referred to as digital, process, CMYK, or four color printing. All of these terms refer to a digital printing process that works with the four color inks of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). Inks, CMYK, are applied to the material one layer at a time throughout the screen printing process. Blending these four colors in varying amounts of each color, can achieve thousands of color options in a single printed design. Prints and decals are also printed on a digital press, allowing more flexibility in your design details and variations of color you can include.

Full color printing can be done with custom prints, and is also a preferred method of printing custom product decals for the intricate details it can offer.

Full color printing is ideal when you have complex color variations in your artwork or need a wider variety of colors in your design than what can be achieved with spot color printing.

Digital Printing

Modern printing methods such as laser and ink-jet printing are known as digital printing. Digital printing consists of an image being sent directly to the printer using digital files such as PDFs and those from graphics software such as Illustrator and InDesign. This eliminates the need for negative film and screens, commonly used in screen printing, which can save money and time.

While screen printing still often results in slightly better quality and longer lasting prints, digital methods are being worked on at a fast rate to improve quality and lower costs.


For questions concerning art, please call us toll free weekdays 9AM - 5PM PST: 1-800-287-5885

Please select the PDF icon to open and download a copy of our art submission guidelines.

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