Art Submission Guidelines

Supply digital artwork in Adobe Illustrator (AI file) CS4 or later versions. PDF, EPS, and INDD files are also good.

  • Supply linked or embedded images.
  • Supply fonts or outline fonts.
  • Package InDesign files.  i.e. High Resolution (150+ DPI) Images, Fonts and EPS files.
  • Recommended bleed for artwork is .25" around.
  • Yard Signs require a .5" margin - Yard Sign Template: Click here

For proper film output and trapping, please supply artwork in the native file format.

Please note - PDFs work well for online proofing, but do not allow for file manipulation and editing.

Spot colors should be listed in the file and should be designated using the Pantone Matching System.

  • RGB and CMYK colors will not print as spot colors.
  • PMS colors from different Pantone Libraries will output as separate plates.
  • Full color files should be converted to CMYK from RGB.

 Grayscale images (TIFFs) should have a resolution of 300 DPI.

Bitmap images should have a resolution of 1200 DPI at 100% of size.  (If a bitmap image is enlarged, the resulting resolution is reduced and often too pixelated to print).

List and supply all fonts or convert fonts to outlines.  MAC and PC fonts are not compatible, so all fonts in PC files must be converted to outlines for proper output.

Measurement requirements:

  • Type size no smaller than 5 pt., preferably bold.
  • Screen values of no less than 8% and no more than 85%.
  • Rules need to be a minimum of 1/2 pt.
  • Trap is determined on a case by case basis; please refer to our drop down menu section:  Trapping Artwork

Supply files via email (less than 10MB):
For files larger than 10MB, please use:


For questions concerning submitting art, please call us toll free weekdays 9AM - 5PM PST: 1-800-287-5885

Please select the PDF icon to open and download a copy of our art submission guidelines.