Environmental Mission Statement

All of the members of Pro Ad Co are stewards of our environment. As a company, we fully understand our industry’s impact on our surroundings. As a member of the community, we actively participate in recycling, waste reduction, and elimination of materials that are not friendly to our environment. Consideration of our environment is a priority in every decision that we make.

We are proud to carry these environmentally friendly products lines:

  • Enviro Banners – Both Vinyl and Poly, Single or Double Sided, with or without a Bio-degradable scrim.
  • Bio Board – OSHA approved as non hazardous. 1-5 years becomes fully bio-degradable.. Indefinite shelf life. Not affected by light, moisture, or heat. Both digital and screen printable.
  • Green Posters – Made from recycled paper and cardboard. A great alternative!
We are always searching for new "environmentally friendly" products!