Spot Color Printing

With spot color printing the elements of your design are printed in "spots", one color layer at a time, to form a complete design for your custom prints and decals. Standard spot color printing for your custom decals allows for up to four colors in your design, but more colors can be added if your design has more than four colors. Just let us know and we'll be happy to help you with a custom quote for your artwork. In this method of custom decal printing, each spot color will be applied to a unique area of the print, and colors are not generally blended to create more than the chosen color variations within a single printed design.

One-Spot-Color-Sticker-Artwork-Example-from-StickerGiantIf your design has a single color, this would be considered a one spot color printing. Single color designs, or designs with shades of a single color look great with one spot color printing. For designs with shades of a color, we will work with halftone dots to represent these areas in your design, giving your printed work a shaded appearance.

Example-of-Artwork-for-Three-Spot-Color-Sticker-PrintingAs you add more colors to your design, the number of spots you add increases as well. For example, if your design has three separate colors, then your design would be considered a three spot color print. Adding to this, if your design has four colors, this would be considered a four spot color design, and so on, for the total number of colors to be printed in your design. 

All of the inks we use are based on the Pantone Color Matching System, also known as PMS colors. This system is simply a universal color matching system to help us get 100% accuracy when matching the colors in your design to the inks in your printed work.  When printing in spot color you can choose from our standard Pro Ad Co Spot Colors.