4 Color Process Screen Printing

Full color printing is also referred to as digital, process, CMYK, or four color printing. All of these terms refer to a digital printing process that works with the four color inks of cyan (C), magenta (M), yellow (Y), and black (K). Inks, CMYK, are applied to the material one layer at a time throughout the screen printing process. Blending these four colors in varying amounts of each color, can achieve thousands of color options in a single printed design. Prints and decals are also printed on a digital press, allowing more flexibility in your design details and variations of color you can include.

Full color printing can be done with custom prints, and is also a preferred method of printing custom product decals for the intricate details it can offer.

Full color printing is ideal when you have complex color variations in your artwork or need a wider variety of colors in your design than what can be achieved with spot color printing.