Drop Box Decal 9" X 12" [D431]  100 count
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Drop Box Decal 9" X 12" [D431] 100 count

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PART: D431

SIZE: 9 inches x 12 inches

MATERIAL: Yellow Vinyl

Color: Black / Red

• Vinyl is pigmented yellow, with screen printed colors for outdoor durability

• High tack acrylic adhesive adheres to plastic and metal roll carts.

Comes in a package of 100


Return for credit:
Although we continually strive to meet our clients’ expectations for high quality, there are times when it becomes necessary to resolve issues that arise.  Occasionally the quality provided falls short of the customer’s expectations.  If and when this occurs, we stand behind our products.  We will credit parts that are defective and have been returned within 30 days.  A determination will be made, based on an agreement with the client, as to whether the parts are replaced on a new order. 

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